THE CONTESTS ARE FREE, and everyone that enters Freddie's contest wins some sort of a prize.

Someone will win an Amazon Fire Tablet or similar prize  at every standard contest!

Different contests are presented daily so your 4H kids that are at the fair every day will come back over and over.

Freddie's new  45 foot stage
Touring now in 2022!

The Frisbee Toss Contest
IMG_20220708_185131 mod.jpg

After 5 years with Freddie's big yellow stage, reinventing the look is something periodically done, and the next stage features two 15 foot "Target Arenas."  Freddie hosts simple contests like throwing balls at lights, launching nerf balls from electric blasters  or a modern day version of whac a mole. Close your eyes and you'd think you're listening to a video game, as the contest is embellished with sound effects, flashing lights and electronic scoreboards.

Freddie also hosts a trivia game called "Speedquizzing" where the whole family can play together on their phone.

In 2022, Freddie has introduced a show designed for senior citizens, to be hosted on your stage. This show features songs, impersonations, stories and laughs and is designed for the retirement age patrons that come to your fair.

Click the button below to see the new 2022 video!

Click the button below to see the new Senior Citizens Show

It won't cost you anything more to have Freddie bring a big
$25,000 Frisbee Toss Contest to your fair.
Kids 12 and under can play in the $25,000 contest and win a $250 HOVERBOARD or similar prize (instead of the cash prize)

A $30,000 prize will be offered when you get a sponsor. The sponsorship won't cost much at all! 

A few of our biggest winners shown below: 

Jameson 7 year old spongebob winne.jpg
Caleb magic.jpg
Ainsley and Ashton two tablet
Lincoln tablet winner flick it.jpg
Jett  sunglasses.jpg
Briar cockroach winner.jpg
Braden shark blimp.jpg
$50 frisbee winner 1.jpg
$50 beanbag winner 2.jpg
sunglass winner.jpg
Jasmine tablet winner.jpg
Reagan wins tablet.jpg
Analysia first winner of tablet.jpg
$50 beanbag Laura Capuano from Blaine Ct
Frisbee Toss  Baby Desert Empire Fair 2021 copy.jpg
Hit the Lights winner.jpg
hit the lights winner 2.jpg
Grace carnival.tif
Girl with brother.tif
Dad wins.tif
Guy with glasses.tif
Tablet winner.jpg
Restaurant card winner.tif
thursday 2.tif
thursday 1.tif
Stutsman Cty fr winners Wed (4).jpg
Speedquizzing family winners sat mod.tif
Preston cockroach pool float.jpg
Jack frisbee $50.jpg
Duke tablet winner.jpg
Beau pump it tablet winner.jpg
Coulter Pump it tablet winner 8 yr.jpg
Cuervo $50 gift card frisbee thurs.jpg
Dru 2 year old winner.jpg
Chuck and Natalie snowie davis amusement
Vadhir tablet pump it 7yr.jpg
Theo air guitar plunger.jpg
Kyler 8 yr old tablet winner.jpg
Nathan wins Xbox mod.jpg
Carlos Amazon Fire Tablet winner mod.jpg
Hudson wins hp tablet mod.jpg
Lillian tplunger shark blimp mod.jpg
Nico tablet winner.jpg
Kendley 6 yr old tablet winner Polk cty
Josiah tablet winner friday.jpg
Dan $50 gift card.jpg
Aiden 4 year old wins drone mod.jpg
Liam 7 yr tablet plunger.jpg
Austin near winner frisbee.jpg
Carter tablet plunger.JPG
Taylor tablet pump.JPG
IMG-6322 mod.tif
Stutsman Cty fr winners Wed (1).tif
IMG-6296 (1).jpg
IMG-6329 mod.tif
IMG-6327 mod.tif
IMG-6349 mod.tif
Stutsman Cty fr winners Wed (2).jpg
Stutsman Cty fr winners Wed (3).tif
IMG-6415 mod.tif
IMG-6402 mod.tif
IMG-6380 mod.tif
IMG-6386 mod.tif
Aspen on right 12 yr daughter Alan and Kristen board.tif
IMG-6537 mod 5 way tie.tif
IMG-6542 mod.tif
IMG-6541 mod.tif
IMG-6530 mod.tif
IMG-6526 mod.tif
IMG-6548 mod.tif
IMG-6521 mod.tif
IMG-6514 mod.tif
IMG-6498 mod.tif
IMG-6488 mod.tif
IMG-6507 mod.tif
IMG-6512 mod.tif
IMG-6479 mod.tif
IMG-6474 mod.tif
Arthur mod.tif
IMG-6455 mod.tif
IMG-6606 mod.tif
Ky 12 years record 29 hitlit mod.tif
IMG-6613 mod.tif
IMG-6582 mod.tif
IMG-6604 mod.tif
IMG-6576 mod.tif
IMG-6701 mod.tif
Isaac ties record 29.tif
IMG-6690 mod.tif
IMG-6670 mod.tif
IMG-6672 mod.tif
IMG-6666 mod.tif
IMG-6800 mod.tif
IMG-6823 mod.tif
IMG-6821 mod.tif
IMG-6819 mod.tif
IMG-6689 mod.tif
IMG-6814 mod.tif
IMG-6807 mod.tif
IMG-6795 mod.tif
IMG-6794 mod.tif
IMG-6827 MOD.tif
Weston 11 year old 3 time winner.tif