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Originally from Bakersfield, CA , with many years spent in Lancaster, CA, and now based between Hillsboro, OR, a suburb of Portland, as well as spending nearly half of the year near Augusta, Maine,  Freddie Prez  is a professional musician that has dedicated making his violin sound unique, sometimes emulating  whole string sections, violas, cellos, string basses, synthesizers and screaming lead guitars. 


Freddie Prez  sings at his shows and often tells  stories about songs,  infusing humor that reaches the audience immediately.  He does several comedic impersonations as well, and his presentations are designed for adult and senior citizen audiences.

Freddie also plays electric violin at weddings, using background music. He sings as well during the ceremony as requested. The beautiful melodies he plays combined with the new age/celtic sound he presents with the electric violin are captivating and haunting, appealing to all age groups.  


Freddie is offering several types of presentations:

1 Singing and playing electric violin, with humor and impersonations appropriate for the 50 year old and up audience

2 Singing and playing electric violin, WITHOUT humor and impersonations

3  Playing electric violin with background music tracks, NO singing, little to no talking in between songs

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Songs, stories and laughs 
for ages 55 and up

Loves Me - blues format

Promotional Video
for restaurants and night clubs

Beautiful mellow melodies for your pre-wedding, cocktail hour or corporate event

Louis Armstrong Impersonation 

Heading 2

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